This wiki

If you would like to contribute new content, you can clone this wiki to your local host using the following command:

git clone git://


git clone

Then edit the wiki as you like. The markdown interpreter that is currently used on the werc instance is discount 2.1.3.

For adding new files, after you created them, use:

git add $filename

When you are finished, commit your changes with:

git commit -a

There you enter some meaningful commit message and end the editor.

To push your changes to the queue for the review by the suckless moderators, use:

git push

The review of your changes might take one day, due to the different timezones we all live in.

Please make sure to update for incoming changes using »git pull«, before you push changes, to minimize merge problems.

The wiki repository above is world-writable.



The incoming changes to the wiki are all sent to the wiki@ mailinglist. See community for how to subscribe to this list.


If you are a moderator, you will likely need the following procedure to pull the changes into the main repository:

cd /var/www/sites
sudo -u www-data git checkout .
sudo -u www-data git pull

These commands can be found at /usr/local/bin/updatewiki for your convenience.

The checkout is needed to prevent local atime changes to stop the pull. Please keep on using www-data, so the webserver can access everything.

For managing the patches (reject/modify etc.) of course the other git commands apply too.


This is for moderators.

There is a script in /usr/local/bin/newrepo with the usage

newrepo $reponame

It should be used to create new git repositories.